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  • May 2020 | Leases, Contracts and COVID-19: What is Force Majeure?
    With many businesses locked into leases but struggling to pay rental as a result of the pandemic and its economic effects, landlords and tenants across the spectrum are wondering what their legal position is with “force majeure” being widely touted as a mechanism for tenants to escape their leases. If… Read more »
  • April 2020 | COVID-19: Small Businesses, Employment Laws, and Survival Support
    While the COVID-19 outbreak continues, many businesses will have to be creative in finding ways to sustain profitability, particularly now that we are in National Lockdown. And as employers they will of course be facing some novel challenges. Complying with all our employment laws will remain as important as ever,… Read more »
  • March 2020 | Running a Business in a Residential Area – Check Your Zoning First!
    If you would like to run a business from home or to buy a residential property specifically to convert it into business premises – or indeed on the other side of the coin if you want to object to a new business opening up in your leafy suburb – you… Read more »
  • February 2020 | Does an Expired Lease Automatically Continue Month-to-Month? At What Rental?
    What happens if your fixed-term lease expires without an extension agreement? Is there any lease in place at all? If so what terms and conditions apply? What rental is payable?  We discuss the answers to those questions with reference to the Rental Housing Act and to a recent High Court… Read more »
  • January 2020 | Before You Start a New Small Business in 2020 …
    Whatever 2020 may bring us in the way of opportunities and challenges, starting a new business will always require careful planning. So if you have any thought of embarking on the exciting venture of becoming an entrepreneur for your own account, make sure to map out a comprehensive plan upfront.… Read more »
  • December 2019 | Property Sales and Trusts: Demand Proof of Trustee Authority
    Selling property to a trust comes with a particular risk, and it’s one that - although easily avoidable - still seems to catch sellers unawares on a regular basis. Not checking that the trustee/s signing the offer to purchase/deed of sale are fully authorised to do so could leave you… Read more »
  • November 2019 | "Seller’s Remorse" and "Subject to Sale of the Buyer’s Property" – Can They Sink the Sale?
    Holiday Season can be an ideal time to buy and sell residential property, and if you are in the market for a house – or about to put yours up for sale – be mindful of the fact that both “seller’s remorse” and sales with suspensive conditions (like “subject to… Read more »
  • October 2019 | Landlord vs Tenant: When Can You Cut Electricity or Change the Locks?
    Landlord vs tenant disputes can quickly escalate into protracted and expensive litigation, and as a landlord you may be tempted to take the law into your own hands by changing locks, cutting electricity etc. We analyse our law in that regard, explain what a “spoliation order” is and what a… Read more »
  • September 2019 | Your Will: What You Can and Can’t Do
    A properly drawn and executed will (your “Last Will and Testament”) is the only way for you to ensure that your loved ones are properly looked after once you are gone.  Perhaps most importantly, only by making your own will can you specify who is to inherit what from you.… Read more »
  • August 2019 | Beware of Property Cyber Scammers
    Forewarned is forearmed!  Here’s another warning about cyber-scams in the property industry because the more they increase, and the cleverer they become, the more vital it becomes for you to be aware of them and to protect yourself from them. Remember that you become a prime target when you buy… Read more »

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